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By going through Configurations -> Local plugins and searching for Smart Related Products in the admin panel you can find the plugin and by clicking the configure button you'll see the plugin's configuration page as you can see in the image below. You have two settings here:

Smart Related Products Configuration

  • Auto Assign Enabled

  • Number of Auto Related Product You can select your desire effect here and determine when you want them to appear on your store.

Advanced options

You have some advanced settings to refine the waits of each property that the score calculation is based on. You can access them from Configuration -> Settings -> All settings (advanced) by searching for "smartrelatedproductssettings." you can see the settings for defining the weight for different aspects of a product:

  • smartrelatedproductssettings.commoncategoryratio : the category weight the default value is 0
  • smartrelatedproductssettings.commonmanufacturerratio : the manufacturer weight the default value is 1
  • smartrelatedproductssettings.commonspecallowfilteringratio : the specifications that allow filtering weight the default value is 2
  • smartrelatedproductssettings.commonspecratio : the specifications the default value is 1
  • smartrelatedproductssettings.commontagratio : the tag weight the default value is 5